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ACVILA BIROTICA,ABOUT US, roller ink gels,ball pens,pencils,glue,markers
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ACVILA is a brand registered in 2002.

This brand was registered by LIVEROM, a company involved in the sales of Writing Instruments.

LIVEROM diagnosed in the market that there was a requirement for specific Writing Instruments to be of a good quality and at the same time, to have a reasonable price level.
With this criteria and parameters LIVEROM started producing in different countries.

ACVILA products have been certified ISO 9001:2000 by TUV Germany.

By the year 2004 the number of products made by ACVILA, covered a wide range, which is expanding continuously to meet the new and specific requirements of the market.
The Management Team responsible for the development, follow up and quality control, goes to great extends in order to secure the best possible products, to come into the european market.